Why is My Dyson Vacuum Pulsing On and Off?

If your Dyson vacuum cleaner keeps stopping and starting or pulsating on and off – try some of these Dyson Troubleshooting Tips:

Why is my Dyson pulsing?

Check Your Power Cord:
If your vacuum is not cordless, verify and make sure the power cord is fully inserted into a properly working power outlet. Make sure the cord is not damaged in any way that would cause your Dyson to keep shutting off.

Check Your Battery & Charger:
Make sure the battery is charged fully. Sometimes when your Dyson vacuum is not working, the battery could have been placed improperly on the charger preventing the battery from receiving a full charge between uses. Also, make sure the charger is plugged in correctly too. Batteries don’t last forever depending on age and use. You may need to buy a new battery if your Dyson vacuum is turning on and off after only a few minutes of use.

Turn Off Max Extra Power Mode:
Sometimes your vacuum pulsates on and off or keeps dying when using the extra-powerful ‘Max Mode’, which can be related to the charge of your battery. Try turning this function off by pressing the Max button on your vacuum.

Check for Air Blockages & Tangled Hair:
If your Dyson is making a high-pitched noise or is cutting out, make sure the dirt bin is empty and there are no blockages at the top part of the bin. You can use a flashlight to look for other blockages while checking the valve at the top of the wand where it attaches to the canister. Make sure it’s free of dirt or hair and opens and closes freely. You can also check the attachments, motorhead, and flapper on the dust cup for possible obstructions that would cause your vacuum to pulse on and off.

Clean Your Dyson Vacuum:
Thoroughly clean the dust bucket and flapper by shaking or tapping it to release any dirt that has become clogged if your Dyson is pulsing, stopping, or making noise. Rinse your filter monthly, even if it looks clean on the outside. Place under cold running water in a sink for a minute or two, twisting and squeezing gently as you rinse without soap.

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