The Clean Obsessed Commercial Dual Motor Upright CO101


  • HEPA Filtration Filters 99.9% of Dirt, Dust, & Allergens
  • Large Debris Opening Stops Clogging
  • High Tech Fire Retardant Sound Suppressing Gel For Quiet Use
  • L-Shaped Floor Head For Superior Cleaning
  • Self Adjusting Head For All Carpet Heights
  • 3-Way Switch for Using Both Motors or Just Suction Only
  • 3′ to 6′ Ft Hose with Ergonomically Designed Handle Grip
  • Automatic Safety Shut Off

The Clean Obsessed CO101 HEPA Commercial Upright is a two-motor vacuum. One motor provides the suction and while the other motor turns the brush roller for carpeted areas. It features an automatic safety shut-off if an object was to become jammed in the brush roller preventing the belt from breaking and the motor to overheat. The CO101 Commercial Upright also features a self-adjusting head that automatically adjusts to any carpet height for a continuous deep-down clean.

About The Read About The CO101 Heavy Duty Commercial Upright

The Clean Obsessed Commercial Dual Motor Upright CO101 operates with a two vacuum motor system; one that provides suction and the other motor runs the brush roll suitable for carpeted surfaces. The CO101 Commercial Upright is equipped with a built-in circuit breaker that will turn off the brush roll automatically if an object is to become jammed. This feature protects the motors from overheating and prolongs motor life. The CO101 also features a self-adjusting head, an ergonomic handle grip, a long-lasting geared drive belt, and a quick change cord system using a pigtail cord that plugs into a 50-foot heavy-duty extension cord.

The Clean Obsessed CO101 Upright has a hi-tech retardant sound deadening gel for quiet use during daytime or nighttime cleaning. The CO101 Commercial Upright includes onboard attachments such as a crevice tool, plastic wand, combination dust brush/upholstery tool. The CO101 Upright Vacuum is a HEPA filtration system that holds up to ten quarts and filters out 99.9% of dirt, dust, debris, and allergens from the air you breathe. This system is Green Label Certified for a high standard of Indoor Air Quality.

Product Features

  • HEPA Dust Bag Holds Up To 10 Quarts & Filters 99.9% of Dirt, Dust, and Allergens.
  • Re-Engineered Larger Debris Opening to Stop Dirt from Clogging the Vacuum
  • L-Shaped Head for Exceptional Cleaning for Those Hard to Reach Places
  • Self Adjusting Head Conforms to All Surfaces
  • 3-Way Switch for Using Both Motors or For Just Suction Only
  • Hose Extends from 3 Ft to 6 Ft and has an Ergonomically Designed Handle Grip
  • Built-In Circuit Breaker that Automatically Shuts Off the Brush Roller to Assist in Preventing Motor Damage
  • HEPA Filtration System- With the Push of a Button, Easily Change HEPA Filter as Needed
  • Green Label Certified
  • Long-Lasting Geared Drive Belt
  • Attachments Include a Crevice Tool, Plastic Extension Wand, Combination Dust Brush/Upholstery Tool
  • Two-motor vacuum – commercial, heavy-duty, super-powerful suction motor – unbelievable 90 degrees of water lift (suction) at the end of the hose – geared driven powerful brush roll motor.
  • Extra Heavy Duty New Cord Mounting System
  • Hi-tech fire retardant, sound deadening gel for quiet use during daytime or nighttime cleaning
  • Perfect quick change cord system – pigtail cord plug into 50 ft. heavy-duty extension cord – no more downtime or costly repairs
  • Large cord wrap – 50 ft. cord fits easily on machine
  • Ergonomic handle grip
  • 15 in. cleaning path

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