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Looking for Simplicity vacuum cleaner bags? Visit our local retail stores to buy or visit our online store or call us at 1 888 606 8885 to get the best deal today. Tacony corporation makes Simplicity and Riccar vacuum cleaners and parts. These are made in the USA. The bags and belts are the same for these vacuums. Here are the cross reference and the different types of bags made for Simplicity and Riccar vacuum cleaners. Lot of people will get confused with so many different type of bags, we have made this chart for you to choose the right vacuum bags for your vacuum cleaner. WE do carry all the bags which fit these models. If you don’t see your bag type here please call us 1 888 606 8885 and we will get you the right bags and ship it FREE the same day.

Simplicity vacuum bags list

Simplicity Vacuum Models Bag type
Simplicity Synergy Tandem Air 15” Upright (two motors) Vacuum bags
Synergy  Type X hepa
Synergy Premium  Type X hepa
Simplicity Synchrony Tandem Air 12” Upright (two motors) Vacuum bags
Synchrony  Type W hepa
Synchrony deluxe  Type W hepa
Synchrony Premium  Type W hepa
Simplicity Symmetry 15” Clean Air Upright Vacuum bags
Symmetry Classic  Type A micron
Symmetry deluxe  Type A Hepa
Symmetry Premium  Type A Hepa
Simplicity Freedom Light Weight 8 Pound Upright Vacuum bags
Freedom F3300  Type F Micron
Freedom F3500  Type F hepa
Freedom F3700  Type F hepa
Simplicity Full Size Canister Vacuum bags
S36  Type H hepa
S38  Type H hepa
Simplicity Mid Size Canisters Vacuum bags
Verve  Type H hepa
Clinch  Type H hepa
Jessie  Type H hepa
Simplicity Compact Canister Vacuum bags
Jack  Type Z hepa
Snap  Type Z hepa




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