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Buy SEBO VACUUM CLEANERS from Acevacuums and get 15% off
Buy SEBO VACUUM CLEANERS from Acevacuums and get 15% off

Get 15% off on all SEBO vacuum cleaner products and same day FREE shipping from Acevacuums.

Are you looking for a German made Sebo vacuum cleaner? They make both upright and canister vacuum cleaners, arguably one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market. They are high quality and less maintenance vacuum cleaners you can rely upon. We Acevacuums, are an authorized Sebo vacuum cleaner dealer. Now you can get 15% off on all SEBO vacuum cleaner products and accessories from can buy them online or visit our retail stores. We are conveniently located in Fairfax county and Loudoun county. We are just a few miles away from Vienna, Tysons corner, Falls Church, Great Falls, Oakton, Annandale from 11110 Lee High way, Fairfax VA 22030 Tel : 703 997 9292 X 3 / 6689. We are just few minutes away from Sterling, Ashburn, Herndon, Reston, Winchester from 300 Fort Evans Rd NE, VA 20176 Tel: 703 997 9292 X 3.

Sebo is a manufacturer of premium upright and canister vacuums. They are incredibly durable and thoughtfully designed for ease of use. They also produce very low emissions thanks to a high end multi-step filtration system, and are highly recommend for removing pet hair from carpet. Sebo vacuums have received very favorable reviews and ratings from European and American household and pet publications.

Most Sebo uprights ( like the Automatic X, G, and Felix series) can be taken apart without tools. This includes removal of the brush roller, which you can extract from the vacuum to remove any hair or string that might have become entangled. If you accidentally pick up something that clogged up the vacuum, your Sebo upright can be taken apart by hand to locate and remove any obstructions.

The Sebo 370, G series, and Automatic X series are commercial quality upright vacuum cleaners. They all share a similar design and the same powerful suction. The G series is specially designed  for carpet, while the Automatic X series can vacuum any surface. Both Sebo upright series are available with an extra wide head if desired for increased coverage.

The Sebo Felix is a very unique vacuum, in that the powerhead can be remove and the Felix can be used a portable vacuum. It weighs about 9 lbs. and can be used to vacuum stairs, drapes or furniture. It is available in four different designs. The Sebo Felix is the most versatile upright vacuum on the market right now, winning praise from various publications.

The Sebo C and K series canister are also very heavy duty and produce very low emissions. Certain canister models may offer a choice between an air driven powerhead or an electric model. The air driven adjust automatically to different carpet heights while the belt driven powerhead has a manual adjustment on the head. The popular choice is the  belt driven powerheads, but you really can’t go wrong here. The main difference between the C and K series Sebo canister product line is the size of the vacuums and the type of attachments included. The wheels of this Sebo canister rotate 360 degrees, making it extremely easy to move around. It also features telescopic wands which adjust to various heights vary easily.The larger capacity vacuum bag means fewer changes, and the filtration system is very high quality and compares favorably to any canisters that you might see being sold in a retail store. Sebo canister vacuum cleaner C series models are very rugged and it takes a lot to break one.

Sebo makes high quality vacuum cleaner bags and filters for it’s upright and canister vacuum series. They also make some very useful attachments that make using a Sebo vacuum that much easier. Here’s a few quick tips on purchasing replacement bags and parts for a Sebo.

Sebo vacuum cleaner bags and filters are designed for optimal performance we don’t recommend using generic replacements. The bags and filters play a vital role in limiting the emissions of your vacuum, which is beneficial to asthma, allergys sufferers and any small children in your household. The high filtration abilities of these parts combined with the design of you Sebo vacuum creates one of the best vacuum cleaner filtration systems available. Using generic replacement parts in this instance can result in a loss in filtration performance.

We recommend changing those filters once a year. Sebo sells vacuum bags and what are refferred to as Service Boxes, which include all of the filters for your vacuum. Depending on what model vacuum you have, there might be a Service Box available or you just buy the filters separately.

We, Acevacuums are an authorized Sebo vacuum cleaner dealer. We only sell genuine Sebo vacuum cleaner bags, filters and parts. Call us 1 888 606 8885 or visit our retail stores and get 15% off on all Sebo vacuum cleaner products with same day FREE shipping.


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