Riccar vacuum cleaner reviews

Riccar vacuum cleaner reviews
Riccar vacuum cleaner reviews

The Made in USA, Riccar vacuums represent the highest standards in design, material, and durability. They offer exceptional filtration and cleaning ability. Established in 1997 Tacony Manufacturing in St. James, Missouri proudly manufactures vacuum cleaners for household and commercial use.

A company driven by the passion to make world-class vacuum cleaners, Riccar is totally different from the other companies that oftentimes fret over selling the highest number of vacs. The emphasis at Riccar lies not with numbers but rather selling credible vacuum cleaners. Performance is at the core of every appliance that the company has ever made. Their creativity is underpinned by an obsession towards suction power as well as high airflow numbers. The company battles with the slightest tweaks to the motor, seals and fans that could lead to a more robust performance. Riccar is owned by Tacony corporation a company which also makes the Simplicity brand.

The engineers at Riccar worked tirelessly to come with their new Tandem Air technology, which beats the direct air as well as clean air machine technologies. Direct air machines were incredible in cleaning carpeted areas while the clean air systems did an excellent job when it came to filtration and abundance of on-board tools. With these two technologies now combined, the result is a vacuum cleaner that offers excellent filtration mechanisms alongside efficient cleaning performance.

Having the idea that American homes are unique, Riccar has endeavored to produce all their systems in in St. James, Missouri, USA to ensure that the design goes in line with the cleaning exercises expected in these homes. The houses being spacious with a variety of flooring materials, will need an all-inclusive vacuum cleaner, and this is exactly what Riccar is out to offer its customers. Their products and services include:

Tandem Air Uprights

These are top-of the line vacuum cleaners, endowed with the patented Tandem technology which simply combines two different motors to give exceptional cleaning power. You will therefore enjoy advanced HEPA media filtration mechanisms, strong suction power and remarkable carpet cleaning results. Here is one of the best vacum

Riccar Premium Radiance RADP

Riccar Premium Radiance RADPExclusive to the category of Tandem Air Uprights is the Premium radiance vacuum cleaner, an upright vacuum cleaner with an unsurpassed cleaning performance.

Combining the convenience of powerful on-board tools with the revolutionary Tandem Air System, it is an appliance that every user marvels at. Unique to this appliance is the dirt-sensing display, which illuminates the carpets to indicate whether the embedded dirt has been successfully cleared from its fibers. It features a stainless steel bottom plate, 7-stage HEPA filtration systems, 6-position carpet height adjustment, an 8-year warranty, a filter-check light, dirt sensing display lights and a self-sealing HEPA media vacuum bag.

There are some debates over the usability of this vacuum cleaner, especially related to the power suction, but its pet tool is absolutely wonderful, it is one of the quietest uprights I’ve ever put my hands on and has easy to use, ergonomic controls.

Clean air Uprights

Appliances under this category have powerful attachments and the HEPA media filtration. They are therefore best-suited to keep your home free of dirt and dust. These vacuums offer a high degree of versatility, drawing from long-stretch hoses and telescopic wands which allow users to lean floors and ceilings without struggling. And there’s one Clean air which is the best in Riccar line up.

Riccar Ultra Premium Vibrance R2UP with 2-stage motor

Riccar Ultra Premium Vibrance R20UP with 2-Stage MotorIt is a unique vacuum cleaner under the AirClean uprights category, which is designed to offer ease of use, low maintenance needs and outstanding durability. Its body has been restyled to offer excellent airflow, not forgetting the lifetime belt and self-sealing HEPA media bag system.

The appliance also features a unique two-stage motor system, whose end-game is maximum cleaning performance. It also comes with a surface selector, allowing you to choose between carpets, bare floors and rugs. The on-board tools on this appliance have the softest bristles, and can therefore complete a gentle cleaning exercise. Additional features on this vacuum cleaner include a headlamp, 6 years warranty, full-bag indicator, a surface selector switch, rubber wheels, lifetime belt and a 40-ft cord.

Unfortunately, you can only buy this directly from Riccar’s website or from authorized resellers like Acevacuums Online.

Lightweight uprights

Riccar has invested in lightweight vacuum cleaners, some of which are weighing less than 9 pounds, but this does not in any way undermine the power that they deliver even on the dirtiest carpets. They are easy to transport to various rooms and utterly convenient when you are required to move up and down the stairs.

Riccar SupraLite Sand Trap

Riccar SupraLite Sand TrapThis is one of the most powerful vacs under the SupraLite line of lightweight uprights from Riccar. You probably understand that sand destroys all your carpet fibers, and this appliance comes as a savior to help you fight back. It also features a powerful two-stage motor system to remove the smallest particles of sand which might be ingrained deep into your carpets.

It is a perfect appliance for someone who has a home close to the beach or adjacent to a golf course. The machine is built to last, designed to perform and finished to offer convenience as well as the ease of cleaning. Unique features on this appliance include:

  • a metal brush-roll
  • 5 year warranty
  • a lifetime belt
  • deluxe touch handle grip
  • rubber wheels.

Commercial uprights

These are vacuums which have been built to stand the wear and tear that comes with daily use. They are mostly made of metal components, with extra-long commercial-grade cords which are easy to unplug and re-plug.

Riccar Commercial 8925

Riccar Commercial 8925It is the most common appliance under the commercial category. Commercial vacuum cleaners have longer shelf lives; thus the 8925 is a premier machine with an able muscle which can deliver to the expected standards of commercial cleaning. Its unique features include:

  • 1 year warranty
  • surface selector
  • on-board tools
  • a 12-Amp two stage motor system
  • 6-stage filtration system
  • metal bottom plate

At a price range of $700, this is one of the cheapest commercial vacuum cleaner one can find. These are vacuum cleaners are meant to clean large areas, carpeted or covered with rugs. If you prefer canisters to uprights,  Riccar has got it covered. Its full-size vacs come with a power nozzle to earn you an excellent cleaning exercise regardless of the floor surface.

Finally, it’s your turn. What do you think, is a Riccar product worth your money? Do you already own a Riccar vacuum cleaner? Are you planning to buy one in the near future? Share your thoughts with us.

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