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How to change a vacuum bag:

IMPORTANT: The purpose of the disposable Odor Fighting HEPA inner bag is to trap dirt, but at the same time it must be porous enough to allow air to pass through. If the disposable inner bag becomes clogged, no air can pass through the vacuum and cleaning cannot take place, regardless of the vacuum’s power. Remember to check the inner bag at least once a month and change it frequently to increase the efficiency of your vacuum’s performance!

  1. Turn the vacuum off and unplug it; then unzip the outer bag completely.
  2. Pull plastic tab on bag dock to release bag dock from connector. Bag dock door will hinge downward.
  3. Gently pull bag cardboard collar upward out of the bag dock. Saniseal® dust seal will close automatically.
  4. When inserting a new disposable inner bag, first puff out and OPEN the bag.
  5. Slide the cardboard collar completely onto bag dock door.
  6. Firmly push bag dock door with both thumbs on indication point until it snaps.
  7. Ensure that the Odor Fighting HEPA Inner Bag is securely in place and the outer bag is zipped. Dust and debris will be released into the room if this step is not taken.

SPECIAL NOTE: Many times top air flow blockage occurs due to a full inner bag causing dirt to back down the air flow system. When this occurs, the blockage will be at the top of the system, starting in the area where the inner bag connects to the connector assembly. If the blockage is at the top of the system, open the bag dock door, and using long nose pliers you may be able to clear the area.

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