When someone is searching for miele vacuum cleaners bags, they should be aware that there are a lot of imitation and generic bags out there that are not up to par when it comes to overall filtration ability. These bags may come with a price that is sweet at first glance, but when the bitterness of poor quality and filtration sets in the customer is never happy. These imitation and generic bags are marketed under the filtrete and envirocare brands and have been proven to let up to 288x more harmful particulates through the bag and out of the exhaust of your miele vacuum cleaner.

Miele Bags and filters FJM GN USo how do you know if you’re getting genuine miele vacuum cleaner bags? The genuine bags will always be pictured with a miele box and are a much higher quality material than the imitators. They also will be red, blue, or green in color on the plastic tab that holds the bag in the machine. These Red, Blue, & green colors signify the type of bag that is needed. The FJM bags will have a red plastic color and will fit most of the midsize machines. The GN bags are designed for the larger vacuums such as the blue moon & all of the new s5 series. These bags have a blue collar and have 40% more capacity than the FJM. The U bags is standard for the new upright machines, also known as the S7 series. The U bags have a green collar and aren’t suppose to be used in the canisters at all.

All of these bags will also be a few dollars more expensive than any of the cheap generic brands. Since the reason most people purchase a miele is because of the filtration technology, the extra 3-4 dollars per box is well worth the 8 layers of filtering material used. You can find genuine miele bags either in your local vacuum store or at  acevacuums.com


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