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Are you looking for a HEPA vacuum cleaner? Are you suffering from allergies? Miele vacuums and their HEPA filtrations are the solution. Come talk to one of our associates, visit online www.acevacuums.com or call us for the guaranteed best deals at 1 888 606 8885.

These days most of the vacuum cleaners from $50 to $1500 come with HEPA filters these days. Not many will find out if those, so called HEPA filters actually meet the HEPA standards specifications of a Miele vacuums and filters. Miele HEPA filters are tested and certified to meet or exceed H13 HEPA filtrations specifications of capturing 99.95% of all dust particles as small as .1 microns. The total rubber seal ensures there are no air leakage and the latest time strip indicator tell you when to replace the HEPA filters. The quality of materials used to make these filters exceed the industry standards. H13 is an European standard that is different from the American standard of HEPA. US HEPA filtration standard is 99.97% filtration of particles 0.3 micron or larger. Whereas the H13 European process is 99.95% filtration of particles as little as .1 microns. Miele vacuum are made in Germany, they follow the strict EU standards for HEPA. The vacuums have the sealed system to begin with, has post filter and pre motor filters with 9-ply filter bags, for the best clean air systems.

The Miele HEPA filters should be checked periodically and replaced every 12-18 months. The latest technology of HEPA filters comes with an indicator to let you know when it should be changed. Finally one less thing to remember and worry about.

Miele makes different types of filters: Miele HEPA Filter SF-HA 50 , Miele HEPA Filter SF-HA 30 , Miele Active AirClean Filter (AAC 50) , Miele Active AirClean Filter (AAC 30), Miele HEPA Filter SF-H-10

Miele HEPA filter
Miele HEPA filter


HEPA with timestrip
HEPA with time-strip





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