Kirby Vacuum Repair at Ace Vacuums

Ace Vacuum Sales & Service has experienced technicians who know what it takes to keep your Kirby Vacuum running at peak performance.  We have serviced and repaired Kirby Vacuums for over 20 years and use only Original (OEM) Kirby Brand Parts.

Our Kirby Vacuum Service Includes:

  • Clean out
  • Servicing brush roll and oiling bearings
  • Inspection of fans
  • Carbon brushes and motor
  • Tech drive inspection and oiling gears
  • Assembly and test

Most service and repair jobs are completed within 24 hours of drop-off.  For the DIYs out there, we carry a full inventory of genuine Kirby parts as well as power cords, vacuum cleaner belts, and carpet shampoo. Remember to use only genuine Kirby “dry foaming” carpet shampoo because other formulas such as Bissell and Hoover are made for wet extraction only and are incompatible with your Kirby Shampooing System.

The Kirby Vacuum is built like a tank and outlasts any box store models like Shark or Dyson, however, the most common issues that may arise are as simple as changing the vacuum’s brush roll and belt. There are mechanical parts such as the height adjusted, tech drive transmission, and R/B bearings that do need to be serviced and lubed; we recommend servicing your vacuum every year for moderate to heavy use (pet owners) and every two-three years for light or general use.

One thing that many Kirby users complain of is “breaking the belt” frequently.  When the height is properly adjusted and you avoid sucking up socks or other large objects, a belt should last a very long time. To set the height correctly: depress the pedal on the left side all the way to raise the nozzle to its highest position.

Next turn on the vacuum, standing still move the vacuum forward and back, then hit the height adjuster one step at a time to slowly lower the nozzle into the carpet, once you hear the roller brush bristles make contact with the carpet DON’T adjust any lower.  Many believe lowering the nozzle deeper into the carpet will give added performance but it will not.  Burying the nozzle into the carpet restricts airflow lowering its suction and slowing down the roller brush which in turn stretches the belt and diminishes the amount of agitation it can produce.

This is why vacuums that don’t have height adjusters like Shark, Dyson, and Oreck have such difficulty moving on medium to thick pile carpets and often cause brush motors to be overworked and burn out.  For your Kirby, even when properly adjusted, belts can still stretch over time.  For that we recommend replacing the belt every year, even if intact, to maintain maximum agitation of the carpet fiber. Ace Vacuum always has plenty of vacuum belts and roller brushes in stock to keep your Kirby and other Vacuum Cleaners running their very best to keep your home clean and healthy.

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