How to Clean Dyson Vacuum

You depend on your Dyson vacuum to clean your home, so you might be surprised to find out that you have to clean the vacuum too — at least periodically. Cleaning your vacuum helps it perform better and last longer. The team at Ace Vacuums has many years of experience cleaning and repairing Dyson vacuums, and we have some great advice for you about how to clean a Dyson vacuum.

What Do Dyson Vacuum Filters Do?

By definition, a filter removes substances from air or water. In your home, your HVAC system has an air filter, your dishwasher (and possibly also your sink) has a water filter and your water dispenser in your refrigerator has a filter. All these filters do their job of filtering out impurities in the air and water. But eventually, they become full and unable to filter anything else.

When this happens, you need to clean your filter. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t know much about where their filters are, how to clean them or how often to clean them. This is a problem because filters that are allowed to stay dirty can damage your appliance or system.

A dirty HVAC filter, for example, can cause your air conditioning or furnace to break down. A filter choked with dirt will not allow air (or water) through it — it’s akin to placing a piece of plywood where your filter should be. Not only does it not filter the air, it greatly stresses the motor trying to force the air through. In the case of a Dyson vacuum cleaner, a dirty filter can cause your vacuum to lose suction, making its job (and yours) that much harder.

A dirty filter can also cause the vacuum to pulsate. If your Dyson vacuum is pulsating, try cleaning the filter before bringing it in for vacuum repair.

Additionally, your filter traps tiny dust particles that may otherwise clog the motor. You may think all the dust and dirt in your vacuum’s receptacle and filter is the same — and it may look the same — but it’s not. The dirt and dust in the vacuum cup or bag are composed of heavier, larger particles, and the dust and dirt in the filter trap smaller particles.

Without this filter, these smaller particles would escape into the vacuum and some would lodge in the motor. Over time, this affects the motor’s operation and can even cause your Dyson vacuum to stop working. You can bring your Dyson into Ace Vacuums for vacuum cleaner repair, but unfortunately, even when it’s possible to repair a vacuum cleaner’s motor, it may not be worth the cost.

It’s much easier — and cheaper — to clean your vacuum filters regularly.

Cleaning a Dyson Vacuum’s Filters

Always make sure your vacuum is unplugged before you remove the filters or any other part.

To clean the filters in your Dyson vacuum, remove them and run them under cold water. The water should look dirty at first, then once the filter is properly rinsed, the water should run clear. There is no need to add soap when you’re rinsing your filters. It isn’t necessary, it’s hard to rinse completely and could leave your filters sticky afterward. You can use a mild soap-and-water solution to clean the bin, however.

Besides cleaning the filter and the bin, you may want to clean the rest of the vacuum with a paintbrush or other stiff-bristled brush to remove extraneous dust and dirt from the parts.

You may be tempted to put your Dyson vacuum cleaner filters into the dishwasher or washing machine, but we don’t recommend it. It isn’t necessary and may void the warranty.

Always give your filters time to dry before you put them back in your Dyson vacuum. We recommend letting them sit out for 24 hours — longer in humid or rainy climates. Never put your Dyson vacuum cleaner filter back in if it is still damp. Water and electricity don’t mix! Additionally, a wet or damp filter will become clogged with dust as soon as you turn the vacuum on.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Dyson Vacuum Filters?

Generally, we recommend that you clean your vacuum filters at least every three months, more often if you use your vacuum frequently.

According to a Consumer Reports survey, most people (47%) vacuum once or twice a week. Twenty-seven percent vacuum several times a week and 9% vacuum every day. Seventeen percent vacuum once or twice a month or less.

If you vacuum twice a week or more, we recommend you clean your filters once a month to keep your Dyson vacuum in prime condition. Especially if you have pets, or if anyone in your house has allergies to dust, pollen, or other substances, more frequent filter cleaning is recommended.

If you’re not sure where the filters on your vacuum are located, you can do a YouTube search for videos that Dyson has posted about how to clean your vacuum filters. Be sure to view the one that is the same model as the one you have.

Cleaning Dyson Vacuum Brushes

They don’t need to be cleaned as often as the filters, but your vacuum cleaner brushes should also be cleaned regularly. The main floor brush in particular tends to get lots of hair and dirt lodged in it. Without proper cleaning, the brush can take on a hard, stiff quality. This prevents it from cleaning as well as it otherwise would.

To clean your Dyson vacuum brush, remove it from the vacuum’s head and pull off as much hair and debris as you can. Next, wash the brush in warm, soapy water. Lastly, comb through the brushes to remove any lingering debris. If you have not cleaned your brush in a long time, it may be difficult or impossible to comb through the brushes. In this case, start parting the bristles with the rat tail of a comb, a screwdriver, or butter knife. Eventually, you should be able to work a comb through the brushes.

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