Household chores are everyone’s favorite weekend pastime, right? You spend all week working in the office and now that the workweek is over there’s a “honey-do” list waiting for you at home. At the top of the list is vacuuming the house top to bottom, so how can you make this chore disappear fast, so you can get on with enjoying the big game on TV? You need to seriously consider getting a central vacuum system.

A central vacuum eliminates the need for a vacuum unit that requires a place to store it. Traditional vacuum units have to be pulled around behind you while trying to avoid hitting furniture and cabinets along the way. With a central vacuum, the power unit is located either in a permanent basement or garage location so all you have to do is plug the hose into a wall outlet and away you go! No more bumping into the china cabinet when cleaning up crumbs under the dining room table.

Traditional vacuums have the motor running next to you during the cleaning process. If you are looking for a little quiet time to suck away the weeks of dust and dirt, you need a central vacuum. With the motor conveniently located away from your cleaning area, you will be able to listen to the sounds of your favorite tunes without having the volume turned up so loud that your neighbors are dancing to the beat of this week’s top 40. Having the noise of the motor contained in a different location also allows you to hear the phone ringing so you don’t miss that important call from Mom.

Central Vacuum cleaners have strong motors and are ideal for cleaning up a variety of messes. When you need powerful suction to pull out dust and debris from area rugs and carpets, a central vacuum is an ideal machine for the job. The strong motor lifts dirt out with ease, eliminating the need to vacuum over an area several times. Pet hair and dander get pulled out to keep your home looking and smelling clean and fresh.

You have several different floor surfaces in your home and each requires a different type of vacuuming. Hard surface floors such as ceramic tile and hardwood need a special attachment to easily glide across the surface to pick up every little crumb and dirt. Carpeted areas need a little extra boost during vacuuming and this can be attained with a powerhead specially designed for deep cleaning. When you get a central vacuum, all these attachments are available and with a simple quick-release on the hose, you can pop on the perfect attachment for the job. Specialized pieces are available for crevices, upholstery, and other surfaces.

Your central vacuum is built with an attached canister to collect all the dust and debris after a round of vacuuming. You can forget about changing the bag and filter every time you vacuum. The large canister collects everything your vacuum has sucked up and all you need to do is empty the canister periodically into a garbage bag and haul it away. Depending on your vacuuming routine, you may not need to empty the canister more than once every month!

So, isn’t it about time you considered getting a central vacuum for your weekly clean? Speak with the Ace Vacuums Specialists to determine which one is right for you. We can’t help you with the rest of your “honey-do” list but we can make your number one chore a lot easier.

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